Family Birthplace Tour (Memorial Regional Hospital)

This orientation to the Family Birthplace at Memorial Regional Hospital provides information regarding what to bring, what the rooms look like, security, visiting and hospital services. Plan to take this as early as possible.

There are two types of tours offered:

  • Walk-through tour (60 minutes): This tour meets in the hospital’s main entrance lobby
  • Presentation and walk-through tour (90 minutes): This tour meets in a classroom prior to the walk-through tour

Both options will tour the Family Birthplace rooms (if a room is available) so please choose a date/time that is most convenient to you.

Registration is required and we appreciate your prompt arrival.

A separate registration is not required for each family member. Only the expectant mother needs to complete the registration form.

If you have special needs or require the use of a translator, register here.



Dates Offered: