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Labor & Birth Webinar (Memorial Hospital West)

Family Birthplace

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Fee: $10.00

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Fee: $10.00

Seats Available: Yes
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This webinar will help you and your partner learn current information about the natural labor and birth process. Includes pregnancy warning signs, signs that labor is near, stages of labor, and when to come to the hospital.

Please note: It is highly recommended to also register for the Labor Comfort Techniques and Epidural webinar. It includes information about relaxation, massage, labor positions, breathing patterns, and pain management options such as nitrous oxide, IV medications and epidurals.

Topics Include:

  • Making a birth plan
  • Labor support person’s role
  • Preterm labor signs
  • Warning signs of labor
  • How to know when you are really in labor
  • Effacement, dilation and pelvic station
  • Timing contractions
  • When to come to the hospital
  • How to know and what to do if your membranes rupture.
  • Stages of labor
  • Early, active, and transition phases and second stage of labor
  • Pushing positions
  • Role of your labor partner
  • Delivery of the placenta and skin to skin after birth
  • Immediate postpartum recovery

The email with the link will be sent out two days before the webinar to the email address you registered with. We will send out a second email thirty minutes before the webinar in case you missed the first one. Please remember to check your spam.

There will be a Q&A session at the conclusion of the webinar.

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