Healthcare Made Clear

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As a Florida leader in healthcare transparency, Memorial is committed to sharing information with you about healthcare pricing, quality, and safety.

We do this so you can make informed choices about healthcare for you and your family because you have a right to know.

Therefore, Memorial provides simple access to clear information about common procedures. Our pricing tool and data on patient satisfaction, outcomes, and safety ratings are easy to find and easy to use.

This commitment to transparency has made Memorial a role model for health systems across the nation. More importantly, it’s one more way we move health forward for our patients and their families.

Healthcare Pricing

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Datasource: How to use Memorial's price tool      

Access the pricing tool to look up the cost of services for common medical procedures at Memorial. Cost options include insured and uninsured/self-pay.

Check Memorial Pricing

To see how Memorial healthcare pricing compares with national and state averages, visit the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) online tool at

AHCA’s information provides a non-personalized estimate of costs for anticipated services. Actual costs will be based on services actually provided. Patients have a right to request a personalized estimate from the hospital.

Quality and Safety Data

Memorial Healthcare System provides unaltered, unedited data about many aspects of our services to empower our patients' decision-making. Accurate quality and safety information are important to making informed healthcare decisions. 

Quality and safety data include patient satisfaction, effectiveness, and safety of common procedures as well as the number of patients receiving care.

Click on the options below to view this data for the entire Memorial Healthcare System, for each Memorial medical facility, and for common programs and services.


Programs and Services

Search and compare hospital star ratings on the Hospital Compare website.