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Patient- and Family-Centered Care

About the Patient and Family Advisory Councils

The participation of patients and family members on our Advisory Councils is very important to enhancing the quality of the healthcare experience. As a council member, you can:

  • Work along with healthcare professionals to tackle issues that are easier to see from "the other side of the bed"
  • Identify things that are more important to patients and families than healthcare professionals may have realized
  • Be an important part of helping us to continually improve our healthcare services to you, your family and our community

With your input, we can design programs and services that meet real healthcare needs as patients and families define them.

To see a list of our Advisory Council's accomplishments, click here.

Roles for Advisors

There are many kinds of advisory roles that you can play besides being on a formal committee. You may wish to participate in other activities – for example, providing training to professionals or reviewing written materials. Opportunities to build your skills in new areas may be something you really want to do. Here are some examples:

  • Members of task forces
  • Advisory board members
  • Program evaluators
  • Co-faculty for staff education
  • Mentors for other families
  • Grant reviewers
  • Reviewers of audiovisual and written materials
  • Participants in focus groups
  • Members of committees hiring new staff
  • Fundraisers
  • Participants at conferences and working meetings
  • Participants in quality improvement initiatives

To apply for a position as an Advisor, click here for a downloadable form.