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Minimally Invasive Hip Arthroscopy Ends Peggy's Chronic Pain

Three years ago, the pain shooting from Peggy's hip became so severe she had to quit her job as a nurse in the post anesthesia care unit at Memorial Hospital West

“The pain was unbearable,” says Peggy, 50. “The only way to get relief was to lie flat on my stomach.”

The hip pain disrupted her life. Such simple tasks as driving her son to school became impossible. The frustration level grew as Peggy tried to deal with a carousel of doctor visits and treatments, along with pain medication and mood swings.

Nothing offered relief from the almost-constant pain in her hip.

“I had epidural steroid injections, trigger point injections and many weeks of physical therapy to no avail,” Peggy says, recounting visits to four doctors and the various treatments she endured. “It was frustrating that no one could help me relieve the pain.”

Then, Peggy was referred to Daniel Sheldon, MD, an orthopedic surgeon on the medical staffs at Memorial Hospital West and Memorial Hospital Miramar. He is the only doctor in Memorial Healthcare System – and one of the few in South Florida – currently performing hip arthroscopy.

“She was dealing with chronic pain issues,” Dr. Sheldon says.

From Chronic Pain to Pain-Free

He reviewed Peggy's medical history, looked at the results of her magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and examined her hip. His conclusion: a torn labrum was likely causing the nagging pain. More importantly, he said he could help.

Since Peggy was in such severe pain and had exhausted all conservative methods of treatment, Dr. Sheldon said she would be a good candidate for arthroscopic surgery.

“It is not a simple surgery,” Dr. Sheldon says, adding recovery from the minimally-invasive procedure is relatively short.

“I walked on crutches for one week, then on my own,” Peggy says. “The post-op pain was minimal. I underwent three weeks of physical therapy and felt significant relief.”

Dr. Sheldon says most patients recover in about three months with some physical therapy, along with exercises at home. “With hip arthroscopy, we can get people to function and help prevent problems down the line,” he says.

For Peggy, who spent years helping patients after their surgeries, being on the other side was an interesting experience.

“From the time I walked into Memorial Hospital West until the time I was discharged, everyone went out of their way to put my family and me at ease,”; she says. “If not for the surgery and care that I received at Memorial, I wouldn't be feeling as great as I do now.”

Today, Peggy is enjoying time with her family and is hoping to start working again soon.

“Three months post-op, I'm delighted to say I'm pain-free,'' she says.


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