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Nekita's Compassionate Care and Quick Action Help Save a Mother's Life

The Emergency Department at Memorial Hospital Miramar was very busy when a man arrived with his ill mother. Nekita, a patient care associate, was already caring for several people waiting for triage, but as she glanced at the woman, Nekita had a "gut feeling" something was seriously wrong.

Nekita immediately grabbed a wheel chair and took the patient to a triage room for an EKG. The test showed Nekita's intuition was correct – the woman had "tombstone" ST elevations, which indicate acute injury to the heart muscle.

The clinical manager was helping another critical patient, so Nekita – realizing time was of the essence – showed the EKG to the emergency department physician, who immediately began treatment of the patient.

A Code Heart was initiated and the woman was transferred to the Memorial Hospital West Cardiac Catheterization Lab where a team was waiting to perform a balloon angioplasty. The procedure was a resounding success.

Thanks to excellent instincts, quick thinking and patient dedication, Nekita helped save a mother's life.

"I feel like God put me there that day," says Nekita.

Nekita's story doesn't end there. She recently completed studies to become a licensed practical nurse, and she plans to pursue her nursing degree. In fact, she'll be attending nursing school on recommendation of the dean, who – coincidentally and unbeknownst to Nekita at the time – was treated in the Memorial Hospital Miramar Emergency Department and was very impressed by Nekita's care.

Nekita is part of Memorial's extraordinary healthcare team – delivering its special brand of patient- and family-centered care.

"I always knew I wanted to be a nurse," says Nekita. "To make a difference in someone's life – that's an honor."


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