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Monica is a Guiding Light for Patients and Families

Working "behind the scenes" at Memorial Regional Hospital, Monica is an RN and clinical resource manager. She works closely with physicians and nurses to help ensure proper discharge so patients may continue receiving excellent care, even after they leave the hospital.

"We call that 'continuity of care," says Monica. "It is part of Memorial Healthcare System's commitment to providing safe, high-quality care to our patients and their families. It's one of the reasons I love working at Memorial."

Putting Quality and Safety First

Each day, Monica, who spent several years as a bedside nurse, follows Medicaid patients at Memorial Regional Hospital through their hospital stay and discharge. She reviews patient histories and works with other healthcare team members to enhance patient safety with the goal of improving patient outcomes.

"My job is to make sure that continuity of care is not comprised," says Monica. "While I'm not a bedside nurse, I work closely with the patient's social worker and medical team to help ensure that the patient continues to meet inpatient status according to Medicaid guidelines."

Complex Cases Require Experience and a Team Approach

Monica is experienced at assessing even the most intricate patient histories. For example, when Monica reviews a complex case, such as the discharge of an elderly patient following surgery, she must look at all of the social and environmental factors at play.

"At Memorial, we have a strong commitment to safety," says Monica. "To help develop a safe discharge plan, I complete a psychosocial evaluation on the patient to assess their living conditions and evaluate whether they have someone to assist them at home, or if they would benefit from placement in a skilled nursing facility or assisted living home. We put the patient's needs first at Memorial."

For Monica, being able to help patient families navigate their healthcare experience is both challenging and rewarding.

"When a patient family takes the time to recognize our commitment and say thank you, that is the most gratifying feeling," says Monica. "For me, that is what The Memorial Experience is all about."


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