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Memorial Cancer Patient's Faithful Journey

When Lillian experienced abnormal bleeding, her gynecologist ran a series of routine tests and the results revealed Lillian had stage three III uterine cancer. She would need surgery and aggressive treatment to survive.

"I placed my faith in God," says 82-year-young Lillian. "Deep within I knew He was trusting in me to go through this so I could share my faith and experience with others."

But before her journey to healing began, she and her gynecologist searched the Internet for the top treatment facility in the country for gynecological oncology. Their search led them to Hoa Nguyen, MD, a gynecological oncologist, and Srinath Sundararaman, MD, MS, Medical Director, Radiation Oncology, both on the medical staff at Memorial Cancer Institute at Memorial Regional Hospital – just minutes from her home. A Hollywood resident, Lillian was pleased to find Memorial Cancer Institute provides access to some of the latest treatment options offered by highly skilled specialists with a focus on delivering compassionate care.

Once at Memorial, she underwent a full hysterectomy and was hospitalized briefly following her surgery. After healing, Lillian returned to Memorial Cancer Institute for weekly chemotherapy and radiation. Over the course of six weeks, she underwent chemotherapy once a week with Dr. Nguyen and low dose radiation four days a week with Dr. Sundararaman.

Her radiation therapy included image guided radiation therapy and high dose brachytherapy to more accurately treat the tumor site without impacting the healthy tissue or organs outside the uterus. She tolerated the treatments well and did not experience hair loss, nausea or any other side effects that many cancer patients deal with.

'Comfortable, Confident and Calm'

"After six weeks, I was healed and no further treatment was necessary," Lillian says. "I feel very blessed that Memorial is so convenient to me and I was able to remain home and drive myself there each day. Most importantly, my Memorial doctors made me feel comfortable, confident and calm throughout my experience. I couldn't have asked for better care."

As impressed as Lillian was with her Memorial physicians, they were equally impressed by her mental strength and positive attitude.

"Throughout her aggressive treatment, Lillian remained strong and determined," says Srinath Sundararaman, MD, MS, Medical Director, Radiation Oncology. "Fortunately, Lillian benefitted from some of the latest radiation therapies available for cancer patients. In addition, Lillian's faith, resilience and healthy lifestyle surely contributed to her amazing recovery."

Now fully recovered, Lillian is thankful for answered prayers.

"To me, my cancer experience was a privilege," she says. "Thanks to God and Memorial, I'm living to share my story."


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