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Real People. Real Stories. The Memorial Experience.

Memorial's remarkable healthcare team is dedicated to delivering extraordinary patient- and family-centered care. This lifts us up above other healthcare providers. This is The Memorial Experience.

  • Ernest


    After fifty years of hard physical labor in the construction industry, Ernest, age 71, isn't slowing down, thanks to Memorial Hospital West Joint Replacement Center, where he has undergone multiple joint-replacement surgeries.

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  • Jake


    On May 2, 2014, Jake, 26, was riding his motorcycle to work in Davie. Without warning, a car cut him off and he flew over the top of the vehicle. It was one of the last things he remembers about the accident that left him with an unstable and life-threatening pelvic fracture, a broken and dislocated left wrist, internal bleeding and broken bones in his left foot.

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  • Jonathan


    After being hit at high speed on his bike, Jonathan suffered many broken bones, internal bleeding and a collapsed lung. With the help of Memorial, Jonathan gets a second chance, and his daughter calls Memorial “a place where miracles are made.”

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  • Lawrence


    Wound Healing Offers Narrow Escape from Amputation

    Months after his surgery, 66-year-old Lawrence knew that the gaping 6-inch wound on the sole of his right foot just didn't look right. After treatment at Memorial Center for Wound Healing, Lawrence's foot has healed.

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  • Terry


    Memorial Breast Cancer is On Your Side

    Terry knew she needed a strong team on her side when she was faced with breast cancer, but she didn't expect her Memorial Breast Cancer Center physicians to be so ready to fight.

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  • Eibar Coa


    Memorial Guides Jockey on Ride of His Life

    A terrifying fall during a horse race left jockey Eibar Coa alive, but unable to move – a complete quadriplegic. Neurosurgeons at Memorial Regional Hospital performed complex spine surgery, and then the future was up to Eibar and the team at the Rehabilitation Institute of South Florida at Memorial Regional Hospital South.

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  • Mark Steele


    Heart of Gold — Knees of Steele

    Three decades of firefighting wrecked Chief Mark Steele's knees. From his years of experience working with hospitals across South Florida, Memorial Regional Hospital South was the only choice for surgery and rehabilitation to get back on his feet.

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  • Billy


    Rehabilitation Institute Helps Civic Leader Get Back on His Feet

    A rare side effect of a stomach illness left civic leader Billy Joel paralyzed. When he and his family searched for a rehabilitation center, they chose Memorial Regional Hospital South to help him get back on his feet.

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  • Andrew


    Emergency Quadruple Bypass Saves 48-Year-Old

    Andrew Silverman was surprised to learn he needed an emergency quadruple bypass at age 48. For this lifesaving surgery, he placed his trust in Memorial Cardiac and Vascular Institute at Memorial Regional Hospital.

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  • alex


    Shot at Point-Blank Range, ‘Miracle Man’ Thanks Memorial

    Alex doesn't remember anything about his trip to Memorial Regional Hospital's Trauma Center that night in March 2007. But he knows that when he got there, he was essentially dead on arrival.

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  • katie


    From Patient to Caregiver, Katie's Giving Back from the Heart

    Born with a congenital heart defect, Katie underwent her first open heart surgery as a toddler. In her 20s, another heart defect led to a second surgery — and a career at the Cardiac Center at Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital at Memorial.

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  • Aniel


    Family Credits Memorial's Advanced Wound Care Treatment with Saving Mother

    Diagnosed with end-stage peripheral vascular disease, 84-year-old Anniel also found herself dealing with blistered feet that would not heal. The family turned to Memorial Hospital Pembroke Center for Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Medicine and found the support and relief they needed.
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  • valerie


    Relief for Immobilizing Back Pain at Memorial Neuroscience Center

    While caring for an elderly woman, Valerie herself suffered a fall. Initially, she was not concerned, but the pain increased and gradually became excruciating. When anti-inflammatory pills and pain medication brought no relief, Valerie had spine surgery at Memorial Neuroscience Center. Now she's pain-free.
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  • adrian


    Hyperbaric Medicine Offers Hope for Wound Care Patients

    After surgeons at Memorial Regional Hospital reattached one of Adrian's fingers severed in an accident, he faced a challenging recovery. Memorial Hospital Pembroke Center for Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Medicine provided the advanced treatment he needed.
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  • tobin


    Memorial Delivers Lifesaving Care After Traumatic Collapse

    After collapsing at the dinner table, Tobin was unresponsive and on life support when he arrived at the Memorial Regional Hospital Emergency Department. Doctors cooled his body to preserve his brain cells while treating him. And that's just the beginning of Tobin's story.
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  • Michele

    Michele & Sandy

    Mother and Daughter Share Breast Cancer Survival Stories

    Shortly after her 32nd birthday, Michele discovered a lump on her breast. Nine years later, so did her mother, Sandy. Today, they share a story of strength and survival – thanks to Memorial.
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  • John


    Cyclist Swiftly Back to Biking After Spine Surgery

    An avid cyclist and photographer, John was used to intense physical activity and the associated aches and pains. But as the pain in his legs became severe and unrelenting, he sought relief at Memorial Neuroscience Center.

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  • ted


    Cardiac Patient Bypasses His Fears, Thanks to His Memorial Doctor

    Anxious and frightened over the possibility of open heart surgery, Ted was relieved to have his fears put to ease after meeting his Memorial surgeon.

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  • Peggy


    Minimally Invasive Hip Arthroscopy Ends Peggy's Chronic Pain

    Nagging hip pain forced Peggy to quit her job. Now, thanks to the staff at Memorial Hospital West, she's feeling better than she has in years – and she's off pain medications.
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  • david


    David Finds Relief for Crippling Hip Pain

    Crippling hip pain almost made David quit his job as a chef. Following a hip arthroscopy procedure at Memorial Hospital West, David is pain-free and back in the kitchen.

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  • Jeanne


    Breast Cancer Patient Is ‘Paying It Forward’ at Memorial

    Jeanne was 37 years old and feeling healthy when she discovered a lump during a breast self-exam. After a mammogram, the words of her physician were shocking – Jeanne had stage III breast cancer. While searching South Florida for the region's top oncologist, a friend referred her to Memorial Healthcare System.

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  • Ann


    Family Finds World-Class Blood Cancer Care Close to Home

    Ann was shocked when routine blood work revealed multiple myeloma. Fortunately, she found Memorial Cancer Institute, South Florida's only outpatient bone marrow transplant program.

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  • Frank


    Breakthrough Robotic Procedure for Colon Surgery

    An otherwise healthy 31-year-old's acute diverticulitlis was landing him in the hospital for days at a time. At the Robotic Institute of South Florida, he found the solution that helped restore his quality of life.

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  • robert


    Patient Finds Healing in Very Capable Robotic Hands at Memorial

    Overcome by abdominal pain, Robert was taken by ambulance to Memorial Regional Hospital. Diagnostic tests revealed not only acute appendicitis, but kidney cancer. Robert found help in the healing robotic hands at the Robotic Institute of South Florida at Memorial Hospital Pembroke.

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  • kim


    Extraordinary Care for Young Breast Cancer Survivor

    "With the Memorial team on my side, there was not a doubt in my mind I would have a full recovery," says Kim, a breast cancer survivor from Hollywood. Learn how Memorial's leading-edge care and wide-ranging support services enable patients like her to thrive.

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  • anselm


    Prostate Cancer Patient Benefits from RapidArc™ Technology

    Following a biopsy, Anselm learned he had prostate cancer. Fortunately Memorial Cancer Institute's new RapidArc™ provided quick, precise treatments with few side effects.

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  • lillian


    Memorial Cancer Patient's Faithful Journey

    Diagnosed with stage III uterine cancer, Lillian, 82, needed surgery and aggressive treatment to survive. Her search for the top treatment facility in the country led to Memorial Cancer Institute at Memorial Regional Hospital – right in Lillian's hometown of Hollywood.

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  • jennifer


    A Young Teacher's ‘Miraculous’ Recovery at Memorial

    Rushed by ambulance to Memorial Regional Hospital, 27-year-old Jennifer had suffered a broken neck, internal injuries and bleeding and swelling in her brain. Her condition was life-threatening.

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  • martha


    Patient and Physician Partner Against a Cruel Cancer

    Diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer, 72-year-old Martha was stunned by the news. And just as shocked to hear Dr. Raja Mudad at Memorial Cancer Institute say he believed they could overcome it together. He was right.

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  • michael


    Professional Wrestler Wins the Match of His Life at Memorial

    At 6 feet tall and 600 pounds, Michael is a big name in ultracompetitive professional wrestling. And "Maximum Capacity," as he is known to his fans, is also no stranger to injury and pain.

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  • judith


    Breast Cancer Survivor Joins Memorial in Promoting Patient- and Family-Centered Care

    Diagnosed with stage II breast cancer, Judith brought the same focus and determination to dealing with cancer that she brings to her career as a lawyer. Referred by her physician to the Memorial Breast Cancer Centers, Judith prepared for what was ahead.

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  • bryant


    Personalized Physical Therapy Puts Bryant Back on the Court

    Bryant could hear the whistles blowing as he walked by the gymnasium, but a congenital foot condition kept him from joining his classmates on the basketball court. Today, thanks to surgery and a highly individualized rehabilitation program, young Bryant is back in action.

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  • trish


    Young Cancer Survivor Praises Memorial Breast Cancer Centers

    When Trish was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer at the age of 37, she sought a second opinion from Alejandra Perez, MD.

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  • Diego


    Young Cancer Patient Finds Hope and Healing at Memorial

    Diagnosed with a rare form of germ cell cancer, Diego didn't know where to turn for help. After searching the Internet and contacting several area cancer centers, the 27-year-old man found the hope and treatment he needed at Memorial Cancer Institute.

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  • louise


    Memorial's Comprehensive Blood Disorder Treatment Keeps Patient Close to Home

    Louise is an 86-year-old Hollywood woman with a serious bone marrow disease. Because of Memorial Cancer Institute's array of medical services, she has access to "wonderful care" close to her home and family.

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  • samir


    College Student Learns to Walk Again After Near-Fatal Crash

    A young college student living in Orlando, 25-year-old Samir enjoyed partying and hanging out with his friends. At a party for a friend leaving for military duty, Samir made a tragic mistake that nearly cost him his life.

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  • Dawn and Dylan

    Dawn & Dylan

    Son's Trip to the ER Saves His Mother's Life

    Dawn took her 5-year-old son straight to Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital for an apparent attack of appendicitis. But after carrying Dylan into the ER, she suddenly fainted. By the time her husband, Shawn, arrived, he found Memorial Regional Hospital's adult ER team working hard to save Dawn's life.

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  • Joanie


    Memorial Helps Put Young Stroke Patient Back in the Running

    A young stroke patient in her 40s finds the determination and strength to get her life back at the Rehabilitation Institute of South Florida at Memorial Regional Hospital South.

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  • Nancy


    After Devastating Diagnosis, Robotic Surgery Brings Quick Recovery

    Nancy knew something was wrong, but uterine cancer took her by surprise. After a quick recovery, thanks to minimally invasive high-tech robotic surgery at Memorial, the 70-year-old dynamo is cancer-free and going strong.

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  • William


    Back on Course After 'Safe, Quick, Effective' Robotic Urological Surgery at Memorial

    William had always enjoyed good health. He was rarely ill and didn't even have a doctor. Then pain in his abdomen and back sent him looking for medical help.

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  • Monica


    Registered Nurse and Clinical Resource Manager

    Monica is a Guiding Light for Patients and Families

    Monica uses her professional expertise and compassionate nature to help enhance patients' care and safety – even after they leave the hospital.

    Read Monica's Story

  • Maria


    Registered Nurse and Clinical Manager

    Dedicated Advocate Cares for Cancer Patients

    Maria understands how overwhelming cancer diagnosis and treatment can be for patients and families. As a clinical manager and certified oncology nurse, she's devoted to helping those in her care.

    Read Maria's Story

  • Victoria


    Open Heart Surgery Saves Vibrant 81-Year-Old

    One night, 81-year-old Victoria awoke unable to breathe and Richard made an urgent 911 call for help. As the ambulance rushed through the streets of Hollywood, Victoria's heart stopped, and at Memorial Regional Hospital she was placed on life support.

    Read Victoria's Story

  • Louis


    Again and Again, Louis Thanks Memorial for Lifesaving Care

    Two years ago, a near-fatal fall fractured Louis' neck. At Memorial Hospital Pembroke, he began a circuitous and life-affirming healthcare journey. Now 84, he's a true believer in Memorial's remarkable brand of patient- and family-centered care.

    Read Louis's Story

  • Phillip


    Thanks to Memorial, Teen Paralyzed in Diving Accident is Walking Again

    It was a fun day at the beach for a group of high school buddies – until a miscalculated dive left Phillip helplessly bobbing in the water. He arrived at Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood paralyzed from the neck down.

    Read Phillip's Story

  • Joni


    Stage IV Cancer Patient Came to Memorial for Second Opinion, Received Second Chance

    At just 51 years old, Joni was told she had six months to live. Unwilling to give up, she turned to the highly skilled doctors at Memorial Cancer Institute for a second opinion.

    Read Joni's Story

  • Tron


    Tron's Heart Like 'New' After Innovative Cardiac Procedure

    Once active and athletic, the high school social studies teacher found himself making frequent trips to emergency rooms. Finally, his search for help led to the Cardiac and Vascular Institute at Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood.

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  • Danielle


    Cardiac Procedure Corrects Young Mother's Dangerously Rapid Heartbeat

    Just eight weeks after giving birth, Danielle experienced a life-threatening heart condition. By the time Danielle arrived at the Memorial Hospital Pembroke ER, her heart was hammering at a very dangerous 270 beats per minute – and she was blacking out.

    Read Danielle's Story

  • Jeffry


    Triple Bypass at Memorial Restores Loving Grandfather's Health and Energy

    Jeffry moved to South Florida to be close to his five grandchildren, but ongoing chest pain made him fear his time with them would be cut short.

    Read Jeffry's Story

  • Mario


    Customized Endoscopic Surgery Saves the Lungs of Lifetime Smoker

    Mario started smoking cigarettes at the age of 12. He was just a kid – carefree and invincible – and he never gave lung cancer a thought.

    Read Mario's Story

  • Maury


    Broward Sheriff's Office Detective

    Critically Injured BSO Deputy, Maury Hernandez’s Miraculous Recovery

    When Detective Maury Hernandez made a traffic stop on a hot South Florida day, his worst nightmare became a chilling reality.

    Read Maury's Story

  • Nekita


    Memorial Caregiver

    Nekita's Compassionate Care and Quick Action Help Save a Mother's Life

    The emergency department at Memorial Hospital Miramar was already busy when a new patient entered. With just a glance, Nekita knew something was seriously wrong.

    Read Nekita's Story

  • Ken


    Ken is Walking Thanks to Memorial's Extraordinary Neuroscience Center Team

    It never occurred to Ken that the numbness and tingling he felt in his toes might be caused by something serious. But when Ken's symptoms progressed, he made an appointment to see his physician.

    Read Ken's Story

  • Cleveland


    After Emergency Treatment, Cardiac Patient Embraces Healthy Living

    Overweight and leading an unhealthy lifestyle, 48-year-old Cleveland faced the terrible trio: high blood pressure, high cholesterol and high blood sugar.

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