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Critically Injured BSO Deputy, Maury Hernandez’s Miraculous Recovery

When Broward County Sheriff’s Deputy Maury Hernandez was shot in the head by a motorcyclist during a routine traffic stop on Pembroke Road, the brain injury was so severe that he was already comatose by the time he arrived at Memorial Regional Hospital.

Defying all expectations, Hernandez not only survived the August 6 injury but recuperated so well that doctors are calling his recovery a miracle.

At a news conference held at the hospital on October 25, a lucid and articulate Hernandez spoke to reporters in both English and Spanish, expressing appreciation for the “hard work of all the doctors that have been involved, and all the therapists,” as well as "people out there that I haven’t ever met who are praying for me."

Despite having one arm in a sling, and bullet fragments still lodged inside his head, Hernandez, 28, said he was eager to resume his duties with the sheriff’s office.

Alan Novick, MD, medical director of rehabilitation for Memorial Healthcare System, said that Hernandez is undergoing three to five hours of rehabilitation every day and that the possibility of his return to work is “very realistic.”

“I’d come in every day and he showed how much stronger he got,” said Dr. Novick.

Eddy Carrillo, MD, director of trauma at Memorial Regional Hospital, spoke admiringly of the patient’s astonishing recovery. “He arrived with the type of injury that’s usually fatal,” he said.

“This is a miraculous recovery,” said Luis Rodriguez, MD, neurosurgeon.

The day after the news conference, Hernandez celebrated his release from the hospital by visiting the Broward Sheriff’s Office station in Pembroke Park, where he was given a hero’s welcome by over 100 coworkers and well-wishers. And although Hernandez wasn’t officially ready to go back to work, one police dispatcher expressed encouragement by making a coded announcement that he was back on duty:

“Detective Maury Hernandez… we show you ‘10-8.’”


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