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Bariatric Surgery Patients Support Group – A Weight-Loss Surgery Support Group

This monthly support group offers encouragement, education and information for those who have had gastric bypass or laparoscopic band surgery for weight loss.

Memorial Healthcare System provides weight-loss surgery support groups as a supplement to our wide range of weight-loss surgery health care services.

When and Where:

Meeting time and place varies, call for information.


Teddy at 954-265-5889.



Overcoming Barriers to Weight Loss

10/6/2014 – 7:00pm with Lisa Stewart

10/24/2014 – 6:30pm with Monique Biddle


Coping with the Holidays

11/3/2014 – 7:00pm with Lisa Stewart

11/18/2014 – 6:30pm with Monique Biddle


Getting Back on Track (another opportunity to re-focus!)

12/1/2014 – 6:30pm with Lisa Stewart

12/22/2014 – 7:00pm with Monique Biddle

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