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Professional behavior shows others that we care about their well being and safety.

  • Maintain required competencies, licensure and credentials
  • Uphold MHS Code of Conduct, Behavioral Expectations, Medical Staff By-laws and Rules & Regulations
  • Protect patients' and employees' confidentiality
  • Recognize and respond appropriately to all safety codes
  • Support a safe, secure, accident-free environment
  • Refrain from using electronic
    communication or recreational devices
    for personal use in work area*

Professional appearance conveys confidence in our abilities.

  • Take pride in your overall appearance
  • Take pride in your workplace and help
    keep work area clean by picking up litter
    and cleaning spills promptly*
  • Always wear badge visibly at lapel level on right side
  • Comply with department and MHS dress
    code policies and standards*

Professional attitude is characterized by continuously striving to exceed the expectations of others.

  • Meet attendance expectation*
  • Use equipment, supplies and time efficiently
  • Foster collaboration with all team members
  • Attend and participate in meetings as required and be punctual