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Memorial Healthwatch Winter 2009

Putting Women First

Caring for the Unique Needs of Women

Putting women first

At each stage of a woman's life, following certain steps can help prevent medical problems or diagnose them early. If you hope to have a child, your health can influence that of your unborn baby, and even play a role in your ability to conceive.

Maintaining optimal health can help you participate fully in life and enjoy leisure activities that make you happy. Being aware of your health risks and working with your doctor to prevent or treat them can help you remain independent and active throughout your life.

Women are more prone than men to certain diseases, including osteoarthritis, depression and breast cancer. Minority women have unique problems of their own. They are more likely to suffer from cancer, vision loss and tuberculosis than white women. Hispanic women have the highest rate of cervical cancer and are twice as likely as white women to have diabetes.