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Memorial Healthwatch Winter 2009/2010

Special Women's Health Issue

  • Putting women first

    Putting Women First

    At each stage of a woman's life, following certain steps can help prevent medical problems or diagnose them early. [more...]

  • Charting a healthy lifetime

    Charting a Healthy Lifetime for Women

    Whatever your age or stage in life, there is much you can do to take charge of your own health and well-being. [more...]

  • Physicyan visit

    Preparing for Your Physician Visit

    Whether your appointment is with a longtime caregiver or a physician you're seeing for the first time – these tips can help you have a productive visit. [more...]

  • second Opinion

    When you need a Second Opinion

    A second opinion can offer a different perspective, increase your knowledge and help you make decisions about your care. When you seek a second opinion, these basic tips could help. [more...]

  • Charting a healthy lifetime

    Believe…You Can Make a Difference

    Memorial Healthcare System's world-class medical services are made possible with the help of our generous donors. [more...]