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Memorial Healthwatch Winter 2009

Care for Every Age and Every Stage

Memorial Healthcare System offers many programs designed to help women take care of themselves and obtain the highquality healthcare they need. Fertility counseling, bone density testing, weightloss surgery and Women's Health and Resource Centers are just a few examples of Memorial Healthcare System's diverse offerings. With our wide range of screenings, tests and procedures, you can often find all the services you need conveniently located in one facility – it's like one-stop shopping for your important healthcare needs.

For Mothers-to-Be

With locations at Memorial Regional Hospital, Memorial Hospital West and Memorial Hospital Miramar, our Family Birthplaces are very popular and busy – providing the support, education and high-quality care to help make the experience positive and happy. Families feel welcome in the homelike maternity suites, and there's even the option of a natural birthing suite with a calm and soothing atmosphere for those who choose to deliver without medication. Expectant parents should talk with their physicians to select the location that best fits their needs. Families often find assurance in knowing neonatal intensive care units are available at all three locations to provide exceptional care for infants in critical condition.

Enlightening education classes offer support for moms, dads, siblings and grandparents – before and after the new family member arrives, and board-certified lactation consultants are available to counsel breastfeeding mothers.

Gynecology Services

Starting at puberty, every woman needs regular visits to a gynecologist. Memorial gynecologists perform Pap smears to check for cervical cancer, and diagnose and treat cancer of all the reproductive organs. They also treat heavy, absent or painful menstrual periods; infertility; pelvic organ prolapse; and urine leakage using advanced surgical techniques and hormone therapy.

As subspecialty gynecologists, Memorial urogynecologists treat disorders causing unwanted urine leakage and other symptoms caused by pelvic floor disorders or aging. There can be many causes (e.g., delivering a baby, lifting heavy loads, obesity) and the many treatment options include exercises, biofeedback, medications and sophisticated surgical procedures.

In addition to traditional gynecological surgical procedures available throughout Memorial Healthcare System, minimally invasive robotic surgery is also an option. For women with symptomatic uterine fibroids, uterine artery embolization treatment, also known as uterine fibroid embolization, is performed by highly skilled interventional radiologists as an alternative to surgery.

Cancer Prevention and Treatment

No matter what kind of cancer a woman has, early identification is important. Memorial Cancer Institute, located at Memorial Regional Hospital and Memorial Hospital West, is the leading cancer institute in Broward County, providing high-tech, sophisticated care for many forms of cancer. RapidArc™ and the soon to- be-online CyberKnife® technologies deliver radiation treatment with unprecedented precision. Of course, preventing cancer is ideal. If you have a family history of cancer, or risk factors that increase the likelihood of developing a certain form of cancer, your Memorial physician will work with you to try to lower your risk through frequent screenings or lifestyle changes. In some cases, a Memorial geneticist can help determine your risk and make treatment decisions easier.

Breast Health

Routine mammograms can make it possible for breast cancer to be diagnosed and treated much earlier. Memorial's Women's Imaging Centers offer digital breast screening and diagnostic digital mammography, along with such specialized services as breast ultrasound, MRI breast exam, stereotactic biopsy, PET mammography and much more.

Memorial Regional Hospital, Memorial Hospital West and Memorial Hospital Miramar have been designated Breast Centers of Excellence by the American College of Radiology, and throughout Memorial Healthcare System, test results are read and interpreted by board-certified, fellowship-trained radiologists who specialize in breast imaging.

Breast Cancer Centers

Memorial Breast Cancer Centers are recognized as the leading breast cancer program in Broward County, providing superior medical expertise and sophisticated treatment to more than 1,000 new patients each year. Located at Memorial Regional Hospital and Memorial Hospital West, the centers are two of only a few freestanding facilities nationwide devoted exclusively to the disease.

If breast cancer is confirmed, the multispecialty breast cancer team of medical, surgical and radiation oncologists; pathologists; geneticists; radiologists; nurses; pharmacists; plastic surgeons and others, is ready to provide exceptional medical expertise and compassionate care. Treatment options include advanced surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, hormone therapy and biologic therapy. Clinical trials and genetic tumor profiling can help determine the best approach for each individual.

In warm, family-style settings, the Breast Cancer Centers offer such complementary treatments as acupuncture and massage, to help decrease symptoms and side effects and improve quality of life.

The Image Recovery Center® at Memorial Hospital West provides counseling and personalized services to help women cope with and overcome physical and emotional changes resulting from breast cancer treatments and other illnesses.

Heart Health


More women in the United States die of heart disease every year than from cancer, chronic respiratory disease, Alzheimer's disease, accidents and diabetes combined. The main culprit is atherosclerosis, fatty buildup in the arteries.

If you have atherosclerosis or such risk factors as diabetes, hypertension, obesity or smoking, there's a lot you can do to slow its development and reduce the chance of heart attack or stroke. Your Memorial cardiologist can advise you, and help you understand the symptoms of heart attack, which are often different and more subtle in women than in men.

Memorial Cardiac and Vascular Institute is the leader in cardiac catheterizations and angioplasties in Broward County. The medical team includes the extraordinary expertise of clinical and interventional cardiologists, electrophysiologists, interventional radiologists and neuroradiologists, cardiac and vascular surgeons, cardiac anesthesiologists and other talented physicians. They employ some of the latest techniques, including minimally invasive off-pump coronary and valvular surgical procedures, and recently added the Impella Lp2.5 technology used in emergency cardiac situations and planned at-risk procedures.

The Fitness Factor and Healthy Living

Quitting smoking, following a healthy diet with reasonable portions and exercising can help you lose weight and become fit. This lowers the risk of heart disease and stroke, type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, osteoarthritis and several types of cancer, including breast cancer.

Physical fitness can help improve quality of life and deter many forms of illness and disability, including osteoporosis and broken bones. After surgery or illness, physical rehabilitation is vitally important to resuming an active, rewarding lifestyle.

Memorial Fitness and Rehabilitation

Centers at Memorial Regional Hospital and Memorial Hospital West can help you get fit, no matter what your age. Their staff of exercise physiologists is specially trained to help exercise safely and effectively. They will customize your fitness program to support you as you work toward achieving your goal, whether it's strength, endurance, disease prevention, appearance – or all of these.

Patient- and Family-Centered Care

We are committed to providing individualized care for each patient's needs. Respect for your personal preferences, values and traditions, as well as those of your family, is of the utmost importance. As your healthcare partners, we will do our best to exceed your expectations and provide the excellent, coordinated care you deserve.

Because we understand the key role family and friends play in the healing process, Memorial hospitals offer unrestricted visiting hours. Accessibility is also important, and you'll find Memorial physicians and facilities are conveniently located throughout south Broward County – with free valet parking in many locations.

Memorial's Centralized Scheduling department makes it possible to easily and simply schedule screenings, tests and outpatient procedures. The staff can help patients select the facility that best fits their needs, and assist those who require multiple services in finding a one-stop location, if possible.
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Other Women's Services Include...

In addition to the wide scope of programs and services you've just read about, Memorial's highly regarded offerings include: Brain Attack/Stroke Programs, Center for Behavioral Health, Center for Wound Healing, Comprehensive Weight-Loss Surgery Programs, Diabetes Centers, Geriatric Care, Home Health Services, Memory Center, Outpatient Services, Orthopedic Institute of South Florida, Pain Center, Rehabilitation Institute of South Florida, Robotic Institute of South Florida, Sickle Cell Day Hospital, Sleep Study Program, Spine Center, a comprehensive array of pediatric programs available through Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital and much, much more. Visit our website at mhs.net to learn more about Memorial Healthcare System.


To find a Memorial physician who is committed to patient- and family-centered care, call Memorial Physician Referral Service toll-free at (800) 944-DOCS. We're available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.