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Memorial Hospital Miramar Robot Helps Deliver
High-Tech Care with Human Touch

remote presence robot technologyWith the introduction of the new RP-7® Remote Presence Robot, Memorial Healthcare System extends the reach of specialists and takes patient care to a new level. Physicians in the pediatric and neonatal units at Memorial Hospital Miramar may now request and oversee evaluations from physicians at Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital 15 miles away in Hollywood. Adding mobility and wireless technology to the ever-evolving use of telemedicine, the RP-7 makes it possible for physicians to perform examinations from miles away at a moment's notice.

Designed and manufactured by InTouch Health®, the RP-7 at Memorial Hospital Miramar is the first of its kind in Broward County and one of three remote presence robots in the state.

Described as resembling a TV resting on an upright floor waxer, the 5-foot-6-inch robot displays the physician's face on a 15-inch LCD screen and purrs like a kitten as it scoots down the hall on its scrubs-blue motorized platform. From a desktop computer control-station at Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital, physicians use a joystick to wirelessly navigate the robot to the patient's bedside and direct two-way video cameras, immersive audio recorders and built-in monitors to interact with a patient and family members.

While the patient sees the doctor's face on the monitor, the physician has access to download medical records, images and vital signs on the dual-screen computer monitors. With help from a bedside assistant — the RP-7 has no arms — the physician may check the patient's heartbeat or breathing through a built-in stethoscope.

Real-Time Interaction, Real-Life Connections

Physicians who have used the RP-7 have been surprised by and pleased with the video resolution and audio quality as well as the degree of interaction allowed on both ends. Doctors have also found that patients and families quickly warm up to the bedside robot. Parents appreciate the immediate and around-the-clock access to some of the most experienced pediatric and neonatology specialists available.

Since Memorial Hospital Miramar introduced the RP-7 this spring, its duties have concentrated on evaluations of children and infants in the Children's Emergency Department and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. But the technology, which may be accessed wherever Internet service is available, lends itself to remote consultation and active patient monitoring in numerous specialties and subspecialties offered by Memorial Healthcare System.