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Restoring the Proper Pace for Heart Patients


Ten years ago, Maria thought she was having a heart attack, but her symptoms were those of an abnormally fast heart rhythm caused by a flaw in her heart's electrical system. Maria's physician referred her to Mitchell Cohen, MD, FACC, an electrophysiologist on the medical staff at Memorial. Dr. Cohen first tried medications to control the arrhythmias, but none were effective.

After Maria suffered one particularly distressing episode, Dr. Cohen decided to ablate, or sever, the faulty circuit.

"Memorial is well-equipped to determine why a patient has a type of arrhythmia, and has tools and methods that can solve many problems. These include basic studies to assess for fast or slow rhythms, two leading edge electrical mapping systems and ablation procedures for simple and complex rhythm disturbances," Dr. Cohen says. Memorial also offers a complement of devices from simple pacemakers to biventricular pacemakers and defibrillators to help restore a proper heart rhythm and improve quality of life.

Ablation and a new pacemaker put Maria back in action. The former fashion designer now has the energy to sew, teach and have lunch with friends. This spunky patient of Cuban descent is quick to credit Dr. Cohen for her health.

"I respect him as a doctor and as a person. He helped me heal and took time to explain everything in detail," Maria says.

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