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DJ Dar at Memorial Fitness Centers:
Middle Age Doesn't Know Whom It's Messin' With

DJ Dar

Country music DJ Darlene Evans is going "hardcore."

But not to alarm her fans – the move is muscular not musical, as in hard-rock abs – not albums. The popular daytime personality at 99.9 KISS-Country is completing her first month of core-training at Memorial Hospital West Fitness Center, and, despite the trauma inflicted on her midsection, she feels great.

"Exercise is the best way to feel better ... period," says Dar. For the petite but curvy mother of two grown kids, weight loss is less a priority than, as she puts it, conquering the inevitable, natural slowing down of our bodies after 40. "My cardio has improved. I feel stronger, more agile, better balance, more energy. I feel great and hope this campaign never ends."

Indeed, energy doesn't seem to be in short supply for the ebullient music host. Her enthusiasm for such toils as crunches and stair climbing lends inspiration to the middle-aged and the middle-heavy. That's the idea behind her "Dar's Getting Fit After 40" campaign, a promotion between KISS-Country and Memorial Fitness Center.

"Forty seems to be the universal age when gravity takes over, and you have to treat your body differently," says Dar, who has turned 39 for more than a decade now. "You have to change behaviors that you've always gotten away with. You have to ask yourself, 'Should I be sitting here watching television, or out there moving and doing something healthy?"

Three mornings a week, before her 10-to-3 mid-day shift at the station, Dar heads to the Fitness Center for a half-hour of cardio, followed by an hour of core-training with personal trainer Luis Perez. "I love Luis. He always has something new for me," she says. "The other day, it was the stairs – not the stair machine, but the actual stairs outside in the parking garage – 96 flights. I was ready to die after five minutes."

"The key is to try new things. Keep exercise interesting," she says. "I used to come to the gym and just jump on the treadmill. Now Luis or a Memorial trainer is always challenging me, especially with the core-training.

Dar would like to lose 15 more pounds before the holidays, a dangerous time during which she reckons she could very easily gain 15 pounds. So her fitness regime continues indefinitely. "I love everything about Memorial Fitness Centers, the people are fabulous, the equipment and facilities are great. I love the swimming pool and the small group training – it's like having a personal trainer but, at one-fourth the price."

"I know everyone would appreciate them if they tried them. What a great gift for the people you care about. I love you. I want you to be around a while, so I bought you a membership to Memorial Fitness Centers. Just in time for Christmas," she says, pointing a finger at husband, Larry. Now that's hardcore.

Follow Dar's campaign, read her blog, watch her workout videos (the episode with a medicine ball rivals Lucy and Ethel) and get a free week's guest pass for Memorial Fitness Centers at http://wkis.com/darsgettingfit/home.