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The Conine Clubhouse Opens Its Doors to Mikayla's Family

(Pictured counter-clock wise) Jeff Conine and Michael, Dawn and Mikayla

April 2004 — When 7-month-old Mikayla was admitted to Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital in November 2003, her parents were handed a key to a room at the Conine Clubhouse.

With this key, Michael and Dawn had a warm and inviting place to stay while their daughter received treatment for a rare form of liver cancer. But more than that, it allowed them to be completely accessible and focused on their daughter's care. "The Clubhouse is the biggest lifesaver," said Dawn.

In late January, Michael and Dawn had the opportunity to meet the man behind the Conine Clubhouse, World Series champion with the Florida Marlins, Jeff Conine. Beyond his status as a professional baseball player and primary supporter of the Clubhouse, he is a father who shares the same hopes and dreams for his children as any loving parent. The heartfelt exchange between Mikayla's parents and Conine exemplifies another important facet of the Clubhouse: families providing emotional support during a difficult time.

Michael and Dawn were deeply touched that Jeff Conine made the time to visit them, saying, "We're your biggest fans. What you have done for the Clubhouse and us is huge – we appreciate it more than you know."