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"Our Hospital of Choice"

Lauderhill Couple Moves to Hollywood to be Closer to Memorial's Quality Care

Sergio and Nancy

Sergio and Nancy sold their Lauderhill home of 22 years to move just minutes away from Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood.

The quality care Sergio, 77, received during a recent hospitalization was so impressive, he and his wife, Nancy, decided to switch insurance plans and relocate to the Memorial Healthcare System service area.

"When my husband arrived at Memorial, he had a blood clot in his leg that had traveled to his lung," says Nancy. "Memorial assessed his condition immediately and acted on it immediately.

Throughout Sergio's stay in the hospital, the family's anxiety was relieved by the constant attention provided by the Memorial staff.

"Someone came in every single hour to check on him, even if he didn't need anything," says Nancy. "That's really impressive."

The family was also pleased to find that no matter how busy the doctors and staff might be, they welcomed questions from patients and families.

"I could walk up to the nurses' station any time, and someone would always find the time to help me," says Nancy. "The nurses were fantastic. I had complete confidence in what they were doing."

'No Matter What Happens, We Know We'll be Taken Care Of'

Now recuperating at the couple's new home in Hollywood, Sergio continues to improve each day. Nancy says the move makes it so much easier for them to access the full range of healthcare services that Memorial offers.

"I have a degenerative disease of the cervical spine and I'm now seeing Memorial doctors, too," she says.

With four grandchildren living near their new condo, Sergio and Nancy are eager to fill their days with family activities.

"The best feeling," says Nancy, 69, "is being close to Memorial, our hospital of choice. No matter what happens, we know we'll be taken care of."

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