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Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Memorial Hospital West Provides Specialized Care for Premature Infants


January 2005 — Not yet 29 weeks pregnant with her first child, Lisa visited her obstetrician for what she thought would be a routine checkup. However, her blood pressure reading was alarmingly high, so she was immediately admitted to Memorial Hospital West for observation and further testing. "I was shocked," says Lisa. "But I knew my doctor was doing everything possible to help make sure my baby would be safe."

Lisa was hospitalized at Memorial Hospital West with a severe case of preeclampsia — toxemia during pregnancy. According to her physician, Todd Goldberg, DO, obstetrician/gynecologist on the medical staff at Memorial Hospital West, the symptoms of preeclampsia can appear gradually, but may worsen very quickly.

The best defense is good prenatal care. "I am so thankful for the care I received at Memorial Hospital West before and after Taylor was born," says Lisa.

Emergency Treatment

In the hospital, Lisa received the specialized care she required. "The nurses and staff were so helpful and courteous," she says. "Before they gave me any medication or did any procedure, they took the time to explain exactly what it was for and how it would make me feel. My sister, was impressed that they also took the time to ask if she was comfortable or needed anything."

When Lisa's blood work came back, not only did it confirm the diagnosis of preeclampsia, but also showed the need for emergency Cesarean section. Lisa's sister was allowed to stay with her as the staff worked as a team to deliver the 28-week, 6-day gestational-age baby girl who weighed a mere 2.5 pounds.

Care from the Heart

For the next seven weeks, Lisa, her husband, John, and her mother, Sandra Trinca, spent every day with Taylor in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). "I was there so often that even the security guards knew who I was and would often ask about Taylor's progress," says Lisa. "My husband and I felt so privileged to have the staff teach us how to take care of Taylor. We knew that they loved and cared for her with all of their hearts. The way they worked with us shows that this isn't just a job to them."

Taylor is doing well and has no lasting health issues, in spite of her early arrival. In a letter to Memorial Healthcare System's Chief Executive Officer, Frank Sacco, Lisa wrote, "We will always be grateful to everyone at Memorial Hospital West. Words can't describe how thankful I am that we had your staff beside us as we dealt with this difficult situation. May God bless your staff as they touch the lives of people in the South Broward Hospital District through Memorial Healthcare System, which is 'Simply the Best.'"