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Essential Breast Cancer Information and Support

October 2007 — At Memorial Breast Cancer Center, women at risk of or diagnosed with breast cancer can obtain specialized medical expertise, innovative treatment options, alternative therapies and essential support services — all in a beautiful, serene environment. The atmosphere of the entire facility is one of peace and tranquility — from the relaxing music in the waiting room to the warm, inviting décor featuring soft lighting, wood floors and earth-tone furnishings.

Complementing this beautiful, soothing environment is a high level of medical expertise and technology, provided under the direction of medical oncologists and Co-Directors Sandra Franco, MD, and Alejandra Perez, MD. Memorial Breast Cancer Center provides an individualized, multidisciplinary approach to treating breast cancer, where every physician involved in the patient's treatment program meets with the patient on a specified day to discuss her care. "Very few institutions offer a separate breast cancer center. The physicians come here — to the patient — rather than the patient going to several different offices for treatment," says Dr. Franco.

The comprehensive array of services at Memorial Breast Cancer Center includes:

  • Traditional "gold standard" of care (chemotherapy, hormonal therapy and biological therapy)
  • Comfortable treatment rooms (private or communal, depending on preference) with a desk and lounge chair, guest chair, telephone and flat-panel TV
  • Participation in new, FDA-sponsored clinical trials
  • Support services, including psychology, nutrition, exercise and lymphedema control
  • Alternative therapies, such as acupuncture, yoga, massage, Chinese herbal medicine, and relaxation and imagery techniques
  • A pharmacy, patient refreshment area and conference room
  • A laboratory certified by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO)

In addition to treating patients diagnosed with breast cancer, Memorial Breast Cancer Center offers specific assistance for high-risk patients through genetic counseling, early diagnostic testing, placement in clinical trials and close monitoring of their condition.

The staff at Memorial Breast Cancer Center is committed to nurturing the whole person, physically, emotionally and spiritually, throughout treatment and recovery. "Instead of concentrating on the illness, we are concentrating on the wellness of the patient," says Dr. Perez.

Early Detection

To detect breast cancer at its earliest and most treatable stages, Memorial Healthcare System is equally committed to providing some of the latest screening technology. "Early diagnosis is the key," says Dr. Franco.

Memorial Women's Imaging Center features a staff of breast imaging radiologists, ultrasound technologists, mammography technologists and nurses. These highly trained and experienced specialists use advanced mammography, ultrasound and MRI technology — including the R2 ImageChecker and digital mammography — for early, detection of breast disease. In addition, the Women's Imaging Center operates a Mobile Mammography Van that travels to health fairs, malls and businesses to provide breast cancer screenings and patient education.

Alejandra Perez, MD

Alejandra Perez, MD
Memorial Breast Cancer Center

Whether a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer at Memorial Women's Imaging Center, or diagnosed elsewhere and seeking a second opinion, she is encouraged to consult with Memorial Breast Cancer Center to discuss her treatment options and ongoing care.

If you are concerned about your risk for breast cancer and would like a referral to a physician, call Memorial Physician Referral Service toll-free at (800) 944-DOCS. We're available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.