The Memorial Experience - a message from Frank V. Sacco

Good day,

Here is a heartfelt testimonial from a Memorial volunteer, who recounts her experience from "the other side of the bed."

Thank you.

Dear Mr. Sacco,

I recently wound up in your cath lab at Memorial Cardiac and Vascular Institute. Dr. Bassel Ibrahim was worth the wait. ­What a guyРhe's the rock star of the heart world! He did my cath, found the trouble, and gave my husband and me three options for treatment. We made the decision, and I slept over in a private room. Dr. Ibrahim took me really late the next day but fixed me up. What an extraordinary doctor! I imagine he has saved so many lives. He's remarkable, as is my beloved cardiologist, Dr. Adam Splaver.

Patricia from Outpatient Registration always has a warm greeting for all who arrive. Maria, the OP registrar, has a friendly smile and reassuring manner, and my transporter, Dolores, is always a sweetheart.

The next great team to get me ready included: Lisa, clinical leader; Solomon, at Memorial Cardiac and Vascular Institute; Sue and Angie, prep nurses; and Tracey, procedure nurse. Five stars to a great team of professional, kind, reassuring people who do a great job. I was terribly scared, but they really made me feel better.

Back in my private room, I was introduced to my wonderful RN, Magda. What a great nurse! She was kind, nurturing and reassuring. The next morning, I woke to meet my new RN, Guinette, who was assisted by Marcia. They are both terrific, professional women, with great care and great conversation.

I found that 6 Central runs like clockwork – the best floor ever! Beautiful, tiny "Cyclone Edna" Trepanier came in, ponytail flying, and sat on my bed. I thought, OMG, the nurse manager is not only sitting on my bed, but she's talking to me, and she pushed me out in my wheelchair herself upon my discharge!

Then, Mother Teresa visited me. Well, it was actually Francine Garciagomez, nurse practitioner, who came to my bedside, took my hands in hers, and apologized. Dr. Ibrahim had three heart procedures, and I was going to be really late that evening. I thought I would die from fear. But Francine said all the things you want to hear when you are so frightened. Somehow, I felt God's presence through her and calmed down a bit. She knew me and cared about me. The procedure team – Gabriel, Iwan, Alberto, Katie and Yami – was also wonderful.

Dr. Ibrahim had finished with me at about 11 pm, but later on, Donna Sassano saw a hematoma. For 30 minutes or longer, she applied pressure, used countless gauze pads, and reassured me that I was going to be fine and live. Sure enough, it did pass. She stayed by me and helped roll me back up to my room. She was such a pro, such a wonderful blessing.

On my last morning in the hospital, splendid Cynthia was my RN, and she was five-stars great. Helpers Ruth and Bernadette and housekeeping's Jessica were terrific, too.

When I look at it, I wonder how I had the presence of mind to remember all these great folks. It's important to give them credit and thanks. They make the hospital great and made me prouder than ever to be a volunteer in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.

Donna, Francine and Edna together built my courage and allayed my over-the-top fears. I had the best dream team of heart doctors. I had Memorial's best employees. I'm alive and home. And I thank all of you.


Rosalie (Lee)

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