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Many Players, Many Roles

Access ICD-10 Training via Physician Portal

Since different disciplines require different types and degrees of awareness, we've organized appropriate levels of communication and informational needs according to several different categories. Your category may determine the kind and degree of training you will receive. ICD-10 Training will be conducted in multiple phases, training for different audiences will continually be rolled out. Your director/manager will alert you to your training requirements and timing. The actual training will be assigned through the Tree.

If you do not see your Department listed in the chart below, please know training information will be provided to you through your Department Leadership.

Because ICD-10 requirements affect clinical specialties differently, training will be specialty-specific. During the first quarter of 2014, Memorial will begin to offer this specialized training for physicians and clinical staff in preparation for a "soft go-live" scheduled to begin in April of 2014. This "soft go-live" is a "dress rehearsal" of sorts, using EPIC, that will give us the opportunity to document using ICD-10 terminology prior to the "hard go live" or compliance date of October 1, 2015. During the period from April through October 2015, we will simultaneously monitor usage of the ICD-10 terminology, providing feedback, and facilitating any additional training deemed necessary.

Those staff who are not physicians or clinicians will receive training targeted to their functional areas/roles in the Spring and Summer of 2014, prior to the actual compliance date of October 1, 2015.

Review the chart below to identify your category.

Training Framework

    • Categories
    • Initiative Awareness Level
    • Team Members
    • General Awareness
    • Clinical Leaders
    • Executive Staff
    • Finance
    • Non-Clinical Leaders
    • Nursing
    • Understanding the Code Sets
    • Accounts Receivable Management
    • Business Development
    • Corporate Compliance
    • Decision Support
    • Employed Physicians' Office Staff
    • Employed Practice Management
    • Health Information Management (general)
    • Marketing
    • Memorial Integrated Health
    • Risk Management
    • Non-direct Patient Care:
      Understanding the code sets; clinical documentation requirements
    • Clinical Effectiveness
    • Planning Office
    • Research Office
    • Direct Patient Care:
      Understanding the code sets; clinical documentation requirements
    • Ancillary Staff (Non-Physician)
    • Clinical Staff (Non-Physician)
    • Contracted Physicians
    • Employed Physicians
    • Extenders - Physician Assistants, Advanced Practice Nurses, etc.
    • Nursing: high-impact areas
    • Voluntary Physicians
    • Understanding the code sets; clinical documentation requirements (non-direct patient care); code set expertise for coders and non-coders
    • Clinical Area Coders (non HIM-based)
    • Clinical Documentation Improvement Specialists
    • Corporate Compliance Auditors
    • Health Information Management (Coders)
    • Health Information Management (Management)
    • Nurse Audit
    • Revenue Integrity Specialists

Departments That Do Not Require Training

Below please find a list of the Memorial Healthcare System Departments who are not impacted by ICD-10 and therefore will not require training.

  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Central Service
  • Central Sterile
  • Central Supply
  • Child Care Center Hollywood
  • Conine Clubhouse
  • Construction Department
  • Dugouts
  • Enterprise Project Management Office
  • Environmental Services
  • Environmental Services-PUCC
  • Facilities Management
  • Human Resources
  • Laundry & Linen
  • Legal Counsel
  • Marketing and Media Relations
  • Medical Education
  • Memorial Foundation
  • Patient and Family-Centered Care—JDCH
  • Print Shop
  • Receiving and Distribution
  • Security
  • Spiritual Care
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Telecommunications
  • Transportation
  • Volunteers and Gift Shops